Enozom Software is a leading innovator in the field of digital development and has carved its name within the ledgers at GoodFirms as one of the top software development companies. To know more about their portfolio and services offered, take a good look at the Enozom Software’s GoodFirms profile. About Enozom Software: Founded in 2012, Enozom Software is a digital solutions provider located in Alexandria, Egypt. While the firm services small and medium enterprises, it also serves as a unique outsourcing opportunity to large software companies globally. The firm provides a wide spectrum of software services while their expertise lies in Web Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development, and Software Testing. A complete end-to-end solutions provider, Enozom takes care of all the aspects right from analysis leading to deployment through rapid response and flexible Agile Software Development Methodology. The firm has incorporated Agile not just in their operations, but also in their thinking, planning, designing and executing. A fully accountable approach where the firm operates as owners of the project and not just a development team makes them deliver an impressive output while clients find them keen upon their success. GoodFirms Research Methodology: GoodFirms is a renowned analysis and review platform where various businesses get listed to receive periodic accreditation. GoodFirms principally takes three principal criteria in consideration during their research process, which consists of crucial standards that are - Quality, Reliability, and Ability. These principle criteria are then further subdivided into aspects such as service quality delivered by the company, core skill sets, customer feedback, and the total experience of the company in the said sector, amongst several other factors.  The evaluation of Enozom Software was conducted in a similar manner, and it was inferred that the firm has been performing exceptionally, helping businesses improve with their Software, Web Designs, and Mobile Apps Development requirements. Below is a brief account of their crucial performing areas that were assessed during the research. Software That Serves a Purpose: Enozom Software comprehends how crucial it is to move faster for a service-based business. The firm breaks through with digital tools so that businesses receive solutions attuned to their needs. They develop a customer’s vision through custom software development that resonates with the business's ideology to provide a competitive edge. The firm offers an exploratory and well-structured testing service with teams of testers varying in sizes. They also provide automation testing services leveraging state-of-the-art tools. They have successfully delivered many softwares on different platforms after a careful and comprehensive testing process. Lori Marshall is a long term gratified collaborator with Enozom who said: Enozom Software has risen as one of the top software development companies in Egypt at GoodFirms owing to their technical proficiency in the domain. Web Designs That Impart Sustainability: The comprehension Enozom Software regarding the design aspect of any product is remarkable. They understand that design plays an important role in any mobile application or a business website’s success. While graphical layouts, themes and look and feel of a product is crucial, it is the overall functionality of the finalized product that defines its sustainability in the market. Enozom strives to deliver design solutions that businesses can rely on leveraging their practical experience in this arena. The firm has delivered many solutions on varying scales with success. They have crafted digital experiences where the end-user is stimulated visually and compelled to evoke favorable business actions. Proficiency in design aesthetics and delivering solutions that drive results has oriented Enozom Software with a path that will lead them to soon rank among the top web design companies at GoodFirms. Mobile-First Approach to Grow Business Presence: Enozom understands how important it is for consumers to interact with their business irrespective of where they are and which device they are using. They implement a process that combines the visual design with the end-user experience to align the business more closely with their goals. Using advanced technologies such as Native iOS, Android, Ionic, and React Native, the Enozom have successfully delivered close to 500 progressive apps with a mobile-first approach. They do not consider the job done once a product is delivered. They continue to serve with a professional and very high response supporting team even post-deployment. It is highly expected that Enozom Software will break into the charts of the top mobile app developers at GoodFirms propelled by their zeal to resolve problems and drive to innovate. About GoodFirms Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B Research and Reviews Company that helps in finding Software Development,  Web Design, and Mobile App Development companies rendering the best services to its customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs. About the Author Anna Stark is presently working as a Content Writer with GoodFirms – Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company, which bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role lingers in her to shape every company’s performance and key attributes into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and equips new strategies that work, always in with ideas, something new to carve, and something original to decorate the firm’s identity.

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    Using a software to manage your business is now of any business essentials, sometimes it’s the business itself. But to buy a pre-built software solution or to build it from scratch? Here we will give you a little help to answer this question.   How Unique Are Your Requirements? When of the main factors to think about is what the functionalities you need for your business are and how unique they are. If you cannot find what you need in existing software solutions so you will need to have your custom software solution. Building your own custom software solution enables you to include all the functionalities you need the exact way you need them to be. It gives you total control over the development process so you can add any features you need and fits your business and challenges. It also allows you to add more features as your business grows and your needs increase. You can start with an MVP or a prototype and grow the software as your revenue grows. But if what you need is just the basic features and there are no plans to make customizations in the future, so you do not need to develop custom software and it’s better to get a readymade system to use for your business.   How Much Are You Willing To Pay? One thing to know about building a custom software that it is money consuming. Custom software as any customized thing, will cost more than a pre-built system. Although pre-built solutions are more reasonable for companies with limited budgets, it’s needed to be put into consideration that they can be not really economically feasible on the long run as sometimes you cannot make customizations that you need for your business, which may negatively affect your revenue and growth. So you need to think about the current and probable future state of your business to decide.   How Much Time Do You Have? Time is a one important factor to consider. Building a custom software takes a big deal of time. So you need to know is it critical or can you wait for a software to be developed. Using a pre-built solution is much more timesaving and you can start using it in a matter of days. In either cases you will also need some time for your team to be trained to use the new system, but of course it’s much faster in case of pre-built solution.   Maintenance! Once you got your software solution either custom or pre-built, it’s not over. You need to keep maintaining the system. For pre-built solutions maintenance can be a point of strength as the system will be already used and tried before and most of the issues and bugs are fixed. In custom software it’s still a new system that is in a trial and getting feedback period and it may take more time for the system to be completely stable. However it all depends on the developers’ skills, experience and work quality which of course you need to put into consideration in either options.     Here at Enozom Software we develop high quality software systems made by our team with experience web and mobile development in a variety of projects and industries.  Contact us now and get your quotation.  

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    One of the most important things to think about if you are going to work from home is the technology and tools you will need to do so. Those tools maybe communication tools to get I touch with your coworkers such as chatting tools, video and audio calls tools. You may also need task organizing and planning tools so you can track your tasks and work progress. Here we will give you free tools you and your teammates can use to manage your work.   Slack   Slack is an instant messaging platform that you can use to communicate within your team. You can create your account and workspace then invite your coworkers to join your workspace and start using the app. It’s available in web, desktop and mobile versions.   Trello Trello is a web-based Kanban-style list-making application. You can create boards and lists so you can manage your projects and tasks. It’s available in web, desktop and mobile versions.   Clockify Clockify is a time tracking tool that you can use to tasks and projects times and progress. It also has reporting and team management features.   Zoom Zoom Video Communications is a remote conferencing tool that you can use to make video and audio calls with your coworkers. It also enables you to record calls so you can check them back in case you needed to review some points you were discussing during the call. It’s available in web, desktop and mobile versions.   Team Viewer TeamViewer is a software application for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. It’s available in web, desktop and mobile versions.   Day off Day off Leave Tracker is and interactive mobile app to manage employees’ absence, leaves and vacations. You will need it to request your work from home day or to request a leave as well. It’s available in both web and mobile versions for company admins and employees.


    Working from home is a good idea in many times, especially in similar situations to what the world is going through currently facing the Coronavirus. But turning your home into an office can be difficult even in normal times, as it could be hard to separate work and everyday life when both are in the one place. So if you are planning to work from home, here are some tips to make working from home more efficient and productive.   Set your Equipment and Technology First thing you need to make sure you set the equipment and tools you need to get your work done such as your computer, headphones, internet connection etc. Also make sure you can properly access video and audio conferencing and to contact your coworkers as well as online tools you use to do your tasks.   Choose a Dedicated Workspace After making sure your tools are ready, you need to choose a proper place to work. Try to work away from your bedroom or sleeping place. Choose a place to work that will make you feel awake and productive. The place also must be suitable to support the tools you are using such as a desk for you laptop and a decent chair to support you back.   Put a Plan Putting plan for the day will help a lot to make you finish your tasks. Set your tasks and priorities and the times for each task. Also plan when you are taking breaks. Breaks are important to help you continue and have your work done.   Get Dressed When you are home you can easily feel cozy and relaxed, which is not really a good thing when you have work to be done. So to overcome this you need to get changed out of your pajamas   Set rules with your family When you are home, most probably your family is home too. So you need to inform people you live with that you're working and you will need some space or quietness to concentrate. Like if you are having a video call with your colleagues and need everyone to be quiet.  


    We are now in an era where everything can be done by just one click on your phone. You can use different software solutions to do some work, buy stuff, rent a car or even watch a movie. Some businesses are actually the software itself. So now you are establishing your startup or company that is depends mainly on a mobile or a web app.  Now the question is what to do first? A mobile app? A Mobile Responsive Website? Or maybe both? It all depends on your business objectives. Here are some points to will help you decide what to start with.   The Business or Service Type The service you are offering is a big factor that you must think about. Some services can be offered by a website such as ecommerce platforms for everyday grocery shopping or maybe some tools for managing tasks and projects, which can be used on web or mobile versions. But there are other services that making a web version of the app doesn’t make any sense for them such as Ridesharing apps for example or Delivery apps where users will most probably out in the street and do not have access to computers. So you need to decide what the best option for your business and offered service. Application Use Rate    Is your service is something that is used regularly or it’s not really often used? If you think that your app will have a high use rate so having a mobile app is a good idea. Everyone now needs to access their most used tools quickly and easily so a mobile app for your business will enable users to access it anytime and anywhere. How Much Are You Going To Pay? Building a mobile app can cost you a lot. So budget is an important factor to take into consideration. Some startups begin with a website or an MVP of their service so they won’t pay too much in the beginning especially when the project is in the market testing and feedback phase. Then after you build your users base you can develop the bigger comprehensive version of the app. Offline Accessibility One of the advantages of mobile apps is that they can be accessible anytime and in sometimes may work offline. On the other hand, you cannot use web apps without internet connection and web browser. So if the service you are offering needs to be accessible with no internet connection so a mobile app is a good idea.   Building Customer Base For mobile responsive apps there’s one big advantage, which is that they are instantly available and can be easily found which in is a point of strength from the marketing and branding point of view. That will help you reach more customers and building your customer base easily. On the other hand in case of native mobile apps, you cannot reach your customers unless they download your app and the customer lifetime value is bigger after the customer downloads it. At that point you can have loyal customers.   Performance and Updates From performance point of view, mobile apps can win it and in most cases the mobile design and user experience is much better than that of a mobile responsive website. Mobile website is much more dynamic than an app in to update content. If you want to change the design or content of a mobile website you simply publish the edits and the changes are immediately available for users. But in case of a mobile app users will need to install new updates to be able to use them.   Here at Enozom we offer Web & Mobile Apps Development services. Contact us to get your quote now.

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    In everything we do at Enozom, we always put the safety of our employees first, and we are also aware of our responsibility to protect the safety of our community and prevent the further spread of COVID-19 virus. For these reasons, we decided to allow work from home for all employees. Over the past 2 weeks we worked on enhancing our contingency plan by enabling all the facilities and capabilities to ensure that working from home will not affect the service provided to our customers. Office is still open for anyone interested to work from office with disinfectants available on each desk. We apologize to all applicants who applied in the current job posts, that all interviews will be postponed at least for 2 weeks.


    If you’re looking for a Software Development Company to hire, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the terms offshore, onshore, and nearshore software development while you are searching. But what exactly do they mean and what is the difference between them? The word “Shore” may remind you of the sea and beaches, but it actually refers to outsourcing software developers from different countries to work with, including your own country. So, let’s dive into it to discover what they are so you can figure out which of them best fits your software development needs. Onshore Outsourcing Onshore outsourcing means outsourcing the software development work to a company that is located in the same country as your business. The main advantage of onshore outsourcing is getting the benefit from highly skilled developers without language or cultural differences. There’s also an important factor that you are in the same country and the same time zone. It also means that you have the opportunity to visit your development team at their premises whenever you need to. However, the disadvantage of onshore outsourcing is there is usually no cost reduction. It is often not as cheap if compared to offshore or nearshore outsourcing.   Offshore Outsourcing   Offshore outsourcing is basically the opposite of onshore outsourcing, it is when companies hire software development companies that are located in a foreign country to do the work remotely and virtually. It offers many advantages, such as working with highly skilled developers with high cost savings. Sometimes a senior software developer offshore may cost the same as a junior in your home country. Ir is also an attractive option as you can find high quality developers at a better price. Despite the advantages, the only disadvantage may be the cultural and language barriers when dealing with people from a different country. It also means working in different time zones. This can either be an advantage because you can have a team working while you are sleeping or it can be a disadvantage if you find trouble agreeing on a meeting time or when you need urgent changes or support.   Nearshore Outsourcing   Nearshore outsourcing is the option in the middle of onshore outsourcing and offshore outsourcing. When you choose to nearshore software development work it means outsourcing work to a country that has a similar time zone or has small differences in language and culture. The benefits of nearshore outsourcing are that it typically provides cost savings more than that offered by the onshore outsourcing as well as having the advantage of being close for more frequent site visits, while still having the required skills for your work. It can really make outsourcing software development easier because it facilitates communication while still offering a competitive price and skills.   Here at Enozom, we provide software development outsourcing services for different project types and sizes. Contact us now to hire your development team!

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    What is Laravel? Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. It is a free, open-source PHP web framework created and intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern and based on Symfony. Some of the features of Laravel are a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, different ways for accessing relational databases, utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance.   Why Laravel? Implementation of authentication techniques very simple. Has Object Oriented libraries which are not found in any other PHP frameworks. It supports MVC Architecture ensuring clarity between logic and presentation. It is more secure as it validates the request sent by users or robots. it drastically reduces the amount of code required to build large applications Laravel uses prepared SQL statements which make injection attacks unimaginable. Laravel runs faster and counters large volumes of users without performance problems.   So now you decided to use Laravel for your app, now it’s time to hire a company to develop it. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best Laravel Development Company   Past Experience and Portfolio Experience is one of the important attributes that define the credibility of a company. The more years of experience, the better results could be expected. Also the portfolio will give you an overview of the quality of their work. It indicates what you will expect to receive from them. It also helps you to know their Mobile app development and Angular web development experience. The portfolio will also help you measure how much they are talented.   Clear Requirements Understanding Understanding all the development requirements is one of the most important factors of choosing a company. Any Laravel development company will be able to develop a project for you only to the limit they are digesting the requirement. So the maximum expectation from a development company should be to completely understand your business requirements. They should be able to visualize the customers’ needs and deliverables and be able to translate those into technical specs.   Reliability When it comes to making the perfect choice, reliability is one of the important factors that can’t be ignored. The company should be proficient in all types of Laravel services when developing the project. The company that take the deadlines seriously also fits in the reliability factor. The ability to solve issues on an immediate basis and the ability to commit to the project plan should also be looked into for measuring the company’s reliability.    Reputation and Online Ratings You will find a big number of companies working hard to create their online presence. Social networking portals and search engine’s ranking is the easiest way to gauge the reputation of any entity. Taking the online reputation of the company into consideration will help you quickly pick a trustworthy company for your project. A highly experienced company will be more likely to deliver you the project on time and meet the highest level of standards. Choose the company that has the positive ratings or at least go with the one that has the maximum number of positive ratings.    Project pricing The clarity in project specs and requirement will help you and the Laravel development company to agree on the best price. When you select a development company, you pay a significant amount of money to ensure the project is developed exactly as you expect. To make sure your project is completed as expected, you should pick the company that creates a comprehensive strategy to all he small details.   We at Enozom have an experienced and highly qualified Laravel Development Team. You can have a look at our Mobile Apps Portfolio and Web Portfolio with Laravel Developed Backend.   Contact us now to get your Quote!


    Clutch #1 App Developer in Egypt Clutch recognized Enozom as top developer in Egpt    New Office Enozom moved to a double space office as an expantion in the team size Job Fair Enozom attended Faculty of Engineering Job Fair Techne Summit Enozom attended Techne Summit event AGDA Event Enozom Attended App and Game Development in Africa (AGDA) ArabNet Riyadh Enozom Attended ArabNet Riyadh

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    Receiving unwanted e-mail marketing messages is one of the most tedious part of being online. Unfortunately, it’s something one certainly doesn’t like but has to live with it no matter what. In the present scenario, it has been observed that many websites itself act as SPAM which renders the web pages to reach the ultimate goal of ranking higher in the search engine results. The spam behavior spoils the website’s trustworthiness and this leads the organization to suffer incredibly. At the same time it also drops the changing pace of E-Commerce sites as SPAM traffic incites visitors by asking them to escape away from the site. Now do you really think anyone would be interested in visiting those revolting sites featuring threatening associations? Probably not! So, to stop these repercussions it is very crucial to seek help from the E-trade Website Design Company that has the potential to keep up with the brand unwavering quality and of course their end client’s expectation. The term SPAM comprises of a wide range of aspects ranging from Email to Trackback, Negative SEO, Comment and Spiders, Bots and DDoS attacks. Hence it cannot be neglected and it does not seem to be a major issue at first yet it can entirely ruin your site if ignored. In this article, we will be looking at different types of SPAM along with the remedies to avoid them for your website. ❏        Bots and DDoS Attacks This kind of assault is known as a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack and it's fundamentally just an incredibly far-reaching proportion of false traffic being sent to your site in a short proportion of the time. Image Source- [Freepik] ❏        Comment Spam Comment spam is quite horrendous. In case, if you get hit by one of these, you'll be bothered.  The spammer uses programming, for instance, ScrapeBox, to find potential targets and shoots them with comments. These comments are silly to the individual being referred to anyway make backlinks to the spammer's site. The spam above acknowledged server getting moderate and Google can now effectively blacklist your IP for Gmail.   ❏        Email Spam Email Spam is really hard to battle against. Luckily for us, Google finishes a completely extraordinary activity at isolating spam from authentic, supportive messages without anyone else. There are two unmistakable ways you can get spammed on your email address. One is by techniques for your quick email and the other one is through contact structure. Image Source- [Freepik] ❏        Trackback Spam Trackback is where somebody partners with your E-business site, to deliver an association back to them. This, you can see it and quickly develop a relationship with the site administrators that referenced you. This helps a ton for further headway. It is the condition when you are making an article and interfacing with a blog passage from another territory, you will send a Trackback remark to that blog entry. Presently, it's on owner meticulousness to recognize or reject such comments. Would it be prudent for you to recognize Trackback or not? It relies on where the trackbacks are coming. If it is beginning from a veritable source, don't stop for a second to recognize the trackback yet on the off chance that it is starting from auto RSS channels blog, the best counsel is to stamp it as spam. Likewise, enduring Trackback is a sharp thought once in a while, as it slants different bloggers to interface more to you, to get a Trackback to associate. As a rule, if, trackbacks are left unmonitored, spammers can make a relationship from their site to yours. After the trackback is live, they move the relationship with your site, causing it to appear as if you're the one associating with them. This appears to be very sick legitimate and hesitant for your eCommerce site. Image Source- [Freepik]  ❏      Negative SEO Attack A negative SEO target is to cause Google to accept that you're the one performing BlackHat SEO systems. This is a kind of SPAM assault is implemented to hurt you and your business. It's usually made by frightful contenders trying to destroy you down instead of lifting them up. The associations will be made on various locales and they are fundamentally hard to wipe out. In the wake of talking about the kinds of SPAM's Let's change to the measure of spam sway your E-business Website:   ❏        Spam presents legitimate dangers Estimations show that explicitly express, revolting pictures and messages are on the ascent with spam systems; honestly, disgusting spam has increased over the latest couple of years and is presently the fastest creating class of spontaneous business mail. Amazingly affronted, representatives can record grievances of inappropriate behavior and an unpleasant working environment – paying little mind to whether your business isn't the wellspring of this spam. In the event that your business is alarmed about the express spam and doesn't make a transition to square it, representatives will have a defense for legitimate action against the business.   ❏        Spam adds to lost proficiency and benefit Spam email looks at to wastage of employees' time. By and large, employees take around 16 seconds to involvement and delete each spam email. If the business doesn't have a spam-sifting administration, by then up to 70% of a specialist's moving toward messages for every day could be spam messages. The main concern is that a few minutes all over may not show up a lot, in any case, this time continuously incorporates over days, weeks, months and years. Your business could misleadingly lose tens or countless dollars reliably by virtue of the wastefulness coming about because of spam! Image Source- [Freepik] ❏        Spam contains different malware dangers In our current propelled age, spam is never again simply irritating yet innocuous to your PC, PC networks, or servers. Endless messages showing to originate from legitimate organizations, cash related organizations, legal specialists, or close buddies and family. These messages urge you to tap on affiliation or download a record, through which toxic programming can locate its bearing onto your PC Spammers use malware basically to take conspicuous data, for instance, government disability numbers, Visa numbers, passwords, and other private data identifying with your budgetary adjusts. The explanation here is truly clear. These digital cheats need to use these budgetary subtleties to deplete your monetary adjusts or submit Mastercard under your name. Wrap Up And we are almost done! This is all about the different types of SPAM and how they affect your eCommerce website. Therefore, taking certain preventive measures becomes mandatory. This will allow your website to keep it protected from all the types of malicious attacks and cybercriminals. Author Bio Dave Jarvis is working as a Business Development Executive at - eTatvaSoft, an ecommerce website development company. Visit here to find more information about the company. He aims to sharpen his analytical skills, deepening his data understanding and broaden his business knowledge in these years of his career. Follow him on Twitter.