We have worked with Enozom on certain development tasks for our platform. The level of professionalism and dedication the team has demonstrated was extraordinary. From proper planning, to well-done execution, to invaluable advice rendered at times where needed, Enozom is a company to work with. I whole-heartedly recommend working with them. Thank you Enozom.

Amjad Swais - Co-Founder & CEO

Our Work

Olahub.com Success Story

About The Client

Olahub is a Jordanian startup that recently aquired by Zain company the largest mobile carrier in Jordan.
OlaHub is a new form of social platform. Users will register in the social platform. They can form groups and invite other friends to celebrate an occasion for a friend, a family member or a colleague. In this group they can can upload a congratulation video to the friend they are celebrating his occasion and they can buy him a gift from an online marketplace within the service. The online marketplace is structured to include local merchants only and we don't offer overseas shipping. Each user can add items to his wishlist from the online marketplace, for others to buy him gifts selected from his wishlist when the celebrate his occasion.

Our Role In The Project

Enozom designed and developed the back-end application programming interface for the e-commerce that has been used by the web portal and mobile app. The implementation of the back-end included many integrations with payment gateway, Aramex courier and Zain mobile courier. In addition to these integration Enozom developed the core logic of the application that includes the security, calculations, workflow and control.

Software Engineer



Eman Mohamed
Software Engineer

Our focus on this project was to deliver reliable APIs that includes all the business logic of the application without affecting the performance to be consumed by the front-end.

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Team Structure

In order to deliver this project on-time, we allocated 2 back-end developers, scrum master and a quality engineer.

The development team worked in complete harmony and coordination with the client's front-end team.



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