About The Product

MasterZ provides a platform for Masters and Students to meet. Masters are users willing to teach knowledge seekers in all categories, a master an e wiling to teach more than one subject in more than one category a master can also be a student wiling to learn new things.

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There are many talented instructors out there who have greate skills and talent but unfortunately they cannot present their talent to students who may need them. Also there are a lot of students who need skilled instructors but cannot find ones. So a platform to connect both parties was needed.


Building a lightweight mobile app that can connect both instructors and students in one place was a really useful idea. Instructors in any field can regeister to the app and present their skills and experience, also stdents whe are loking for someone who can teach them new skills can register to the app and browse instructors in any desired field.

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Nouran Samak
Software Engineer

Delivering a high performance and quality mobile app is not an easy job, it's a result of a teamwork and professiona process. I learned a lot in this project and applied best practice to delicer a world-class app that can compete in the market

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Team Structure

In order to develop and design this mobile application we allocated two Software Engineer with iOS/Android experience, back-end developer, Scrum Master, Software Quality Engineer and one UI designer.
Functional and integration testing is done to ensure the that the quality level of the final product matches Enozom quality standards and exceeded the client’s expectation for quality and performance.

The design and development team was working in complete a harmony and coordination with the assigned designer and quality team, to accomplish the goals set by the system analyst according to the customers’ requirements.

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