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They have tremendously helped Nsafer.com in being the best online booking website in Egypt with international standards. Recommended in every aspect! Ahmed Yassine - Vice President ETC

Our Work

Nsafer.com Success Story

About The Client

Egypt Tour Concept is a full service Travel Agent in Egypt that has built it's reputation on consistently delivering the cost, comfort, and convenience benefits that match our clients' demand.


The Idea Behind the Project

The idea behind nsafer.com started when Mr. Ahmed Yassine, CEO and Founder of Egypt Tour Concepts Travel Agency, wanted to build the first hotels search engine in Egypt that integrates with global web service providers such as DOTW and GTA, to provide the most real-time and efficient gateway for hotels’ bookings.

Enozom spent a lot of effort designing and developing a user friendly solution to satisfy the ambition behind the project and to provide a reliable website that manipulates more than 200,000 registered hotels all over the world.



Yasser Mohammed
Project Technical Leader

One of the most challenging projects that I ever worked on. We faced a lot of challenges to be able to integrate different XML providers in a uniformed format so we can make the real-time price comparison without affecting the performance. Nsafer.com is now the best travelling website in Egypt and I am proud to be one of the team.


Online Payment

Google Maps Integration

Team Structure

In order to develop and design this multi-module project, an integration between two work teams as established to facilitate the process of development and ensure that the quality level of the final product matches Enozom quality standards and exceeded the client’s expectation for quality and performance.

The design and development team was to work in complete harmony and coordination with the assigned designer and quality team, to accomplish the goals set by the system analyst according to customers’ requirements.