Al Mohafez

About The Product

Mal3abak is a mobile application which links football-lovers to the nearby facilities, providing an easiest way to practice football. Because Mal3abak knows that you get tired of hassle of searching fields to play football or calling to book a field and get no answer, Mal3abak app change it and make everything is reachable just by one click

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Searching for near-by football fields is a big hassle, even after getting the field it's not guaranteed to get an answer when you call them. From the field owner’s side it’s not easy to market to their fields and create special offers for un-allocated time slots.


Mal3abak is a user-friendly mobile app available for both iOS and Android phones. Where users can search for football fields, book a time slot and share the reservation with their friends. In addition to the booking functionalities users can book a training in one of the available football academies and participates in a football league.

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Khadija Ahmed
UI Designer

I spent a considerable amount time to study the user behavior in using sports apps, specially football lover’s apps, to be able to build a user-friendly mobile app with minimal user interaction and applying the system validations without annoying the user.

Team Structure

In order to develop and design this mobile application we allocated two Software Engineer with Windows Phone experience, Scrum Master, Software Quality Engineer and one UI designer.
Functional and integration testing is done to ensure the that the quality level of the final product matches Enozom quality standards and exceeded the client’s expectation for quality and performance.

The design and development team was working in complete a harmony and coordination with the assigned designer and quality team, to accomplish the goals set by the system analyst according to the customers’ requirements.