About The Client

The app is a company that is founded by Wadi Makkah Venture Capital.
Wadi Makkah is a platform of startup companies from innovation and scientific research through three main programs:
Innovation Center: Helps the innovators by providing the necessary technical services to transform innovative ideas into economically viable products.
Accelerator: Helps the entrepreneurs to transform innovative product to startup companies by providing consulting services, training, mentoring, funding , office spaces in addition to accessing the market
Venture Capital: Designed to provide the necessary investments for the startup companies to achieve the growth and sustainability by connecting them with Angle Investors and Venture Capital networks

Wadi Makkah

The Idea Behind The Project

It offers an application on smart devices targeting owners of traditional shops and websites to provide delivery drivers round the clock to deliver their products to their customers at their homes. Any vehicle owner can apply to join in the delivery service provided that they sign a contract with the company to guarantee getting the commission agreed upon. This service acts as a link between dealers and their customers by facilitating the delivery of their products.

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Essam El Masry

Essam El Masry
iOS Developer

It was a challenge to develop a complete realtime application, based on Firebase and without using back-end technologies (Serverless architecture).
It is designed to handle thousands of concurrent requests in high performance.


GPS Tracking

Firebase Integration

Google Maps Integration

Team Structure

In order to develop and design this mobile application we allocated two Mobile Developers with experience in iOS and Android , backe-end developer, scrum master, Software Quality Engineer and one UI designer.
Functional and integration testing is done to ensure the that the quality level of the final product matches Enozom quality standards and exceeded the client’s expectation for quality and performance.

The design and development team was to work in complete harmony and coordination with the assigned designer and quality team, to accomplish the goals set by the system analyst according to customers’ requirements.