On their way to launch the final product, startups have to make lots of decisions from mockup creation to feature design and budget revision. But deciding whether they should develop a minimum viable product, proof of concept or a prototype might be one of the most challenging. If you can’t decide which one to adopt or how they differ, here we will help you know the difference between POC, Prototype & MVP.   What is POC? A POC (Proof of Concept) is the best approach to verify the uncertain idea or the idea’s feasibility to be implemented. In case of mobile app development, a mobile app POC is typically a small internal project that is used before the actual development and launching of the product. POC is not usually something public, it’s actually a part of the project planning and feasibility study phase so it’s not shown to the end-users. It may not be a usable product at all since it focuses on verifying the idea and whether it’s applicable or not. Building a POC needs a sufficient amount of time and effort for the team to do their research and verify the idea before development. Its key pros that it verifies the idea, gives opportunity to innovative ideas,  reduces cost and time for feature validation and reduces errors and bugs in early stages as well.   What is Prototype? While a POC shows a product concept can be done, a prototype shows how the idea will be done. There are many methods for prototyping, but in mobile app development, a prototype usually starts with sketches interface and transforms into an interactive model that resembles the final product. In a prototype product designers test the mobile app prototype, navigate through the app and try the whole flow and user experience so they can add their new ideas for modifications and enhancements and eventually come up with the final product to be implemented. Its key advantages is that it gives early feedback for the products, identifies defects, gives better experience of the flow as well as simplifying complex ideas through visual effects.   What is MVP? An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a minimal form with minimum features of your product that can be published to the end-user and market. This method of development allows you to your end-users reaction to your product before you waste more money and resources building something that maybe unneeded and useless. An MVP is a functional product that has the minimum enough features for it to be delivered to its initial group of users. MVP is a standalone and initial system on its own as It represents the fundamental version of your system that end-users can try give their feedback for more enhancements. Its advantages is preventing waste of money, time and resources, gives insights and feedback and defines what the end-user really need.     Enozom has worked with different startups in different domains of industries and businesses. We at Enozom provide high quality custom Web Development & Mobile Development that can help your business grow. Contact us now for a free consultancy!    

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    Software testing is simply the process of investigation done to a software to provide stakeholders with status and information about the quality of the software product or service under test. Testing techniques include the process of executing a program or an application with the intent of finding software bugs, errors or other defects, and verifying that the software product is free of errors and ready to be used. The software quality engineers are responsible for reducing the probability of bugs occurring during development and also identifying any errors that come up during the development and fixing them. It is essential for creating high quality software products that are bug free. Bugs can be of small impact, but also they can be fatal! It’s necessary because simply everybody makes mistakes. Skipping the testing process of a software product may cause it and the business to suffer, ending up as a useless tool with a loss of effort, time and money. So here are some key points why software testing is important to your product.   Ensuring Product Quality In order to make your product come to life, it has to be done as planned. Following product requirements is essential, to an extent, because it helps you get the required end results. So testing processes are designed to ensure that the software product’s reliably and stability. There are different software testing procedures designed to test the functionality, performance, security, usability, and much more to ensure that the final product has minimal defects and is ready to work as planned.   Saving Time & Money Testing has many benefits and one of the most important ones is cost saving. The advantage of having clear processes in place during development phase is that they prevent most bugs and errors from happening in the first place. So the errors that do occur are relatively minor, and can be fixed easily. However, without testing most bugs can be bigger and may appear after the product is released and fixing it at this phase will take time and will cost a lot in turn. That’s why testing can save you a lot on the long term.   Security An important point to take into consideration is security. This is probably the most sensitive and most vulnerable part of the whole development process. There have been many cases of users information were hacked and stolen by hackers to be used for their benefits, that’s why your product must be secure and trusted s you won’t lose your customer base and your product’s reputation. Users always want to use a product they trust and be confident when providing them with their personal information that must be private as possible, especially for banking and payments services for example.   Users Satisfaction The main goal of a product or service provider is to give their customers the best customer experience yet satisfaction. You need to keep your customers happy and loyal to your app, however, errors and bugs can make you lose your customer base. In order to ensure satisfied customers, your product needs to fulfil their needs. It should have all the features required working properly as expected. Software quality engineers would define the features and test each and every step taken in the app to ensure that the whole user flow is working properly as expected. When your users have satisfying customer experience they will certainly tell their friends and word to mouth will increase your customer base with no effort, but be careful, this works both ways.   So it’s now obvious that Software testing is a really important step in developing your product. We at Enozom provide high quality custom Web Development & Mobile Development with careful testing process done to deliver defects free products. Contact us now and hire your testing team!      

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    Mobile apps and websites are now a necessity for almost all industries. And Real Estate is one of the major businesses that are depending on software solutions nowadays. So if you are planning to develop an app for you real estate business, here are some must have features so you end up with a successful app.   Categories and Filters Advanced filters and categories are essential features as they will help buyers to find the right property for them as it is the most challenging part of the process of buying or renting a house. That’s why you need categories and filters for your mobile app, as they’re the main tools that buyers will use.   Property Profiles The property profile must include detailed and comprehensive information about the property. Customers need to view photos of the properties, description about its facilities, and prices list of rentals or purchasing as well as the properties’ location on map.   Price Calculator Add a calculator to your mobile app to help users find out the final price of a home including loan interest in different banks. The calculator should be detailed, allowing users to choose the price of a home, their initial payment, the loan interest and the loan repayment period.   Maps A map showing the property location can help buyers know more about the area and the facilities and services available nearby. Also it’s helpful so they can reach the location when they are going to have an appointment in the property location.       Calendar Adding a calendar to your real estate app will help customers and real estate agents to manage their locations visits appointments. It’s an essential feature especially for real estate agents whose job depends on these appointments.   Favorites Customers must have the ability to shortlist their favorite properties, so a favorites menu in the app is an important feature that will help customers not to get confused and lose their selected properties. They can just keep them in one place and get back to them anytime.   Database & Listing A big database is important for your application, it’s a core feature for your app as you will have lots of listings of properties and buyers as well as real estate agents with all of their details and information.     We at Enozom provide high quality custom web development & mobile development that can help your real estate business or startup grow. Contact us now for a free consultancy!

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    There are any success stories for startups and companies, but of course not all the steps they took to reach their goal were taken by the team itself. Sometimes companies will need a third party, other than themselves and their customers, to do a certain task that will help the organization reach its objective. That’s why outsourcing is a good idea many cases. Here we will give you an overview of types of outsourcing that an organization may need at some point.   Professional Outsourcing The most common type of outsourcing professional outsourcing. Professional outsourcing includes any type of specialized, professional services. Such as legal, accounting, purchasing, and administrative jobs. It’s common to outsource these types of jobs, you may be already outsourcing these types of services and not even consider this outsourcing. The biggest advantage of professional outsourcing is that you only pay for a service provided. No recruitment expenses, no legal, training costs or equipment expenses.   IT Outsourcing Outsourcing IT services is among the common types of outsourcing nowadays. If you are developing a mobile app, website, or any software solution, then finding the right Software Development provider is much more important than finding a developer that is close to the office. When you hire an experienced IT service organization, you invest in a team that has the enough resources to start working in no time. A project that may take months in-house can take a focused teams only a few weeks in companies such as Enozom Software that provides high quality web development and mobile development.   Manufacturing Outsourcing Manufacturing cost can be extremely high if you decide to make your products in-house.  In addition to the high cost of the raw materials, paying for the factory workers can also be extremely expensive, as well as the capital for infrastructure and equipment you need for manufacturing. Outsourcing manufacturing involves hiring a manufacturer to produce the required goods at a cheaper price than you could get if you hired a company for example in the United States to do so. Common countries to outsource manufacturing are China and indie, and may be a good places to start.   Project Outsourcing With project-based outsourcing, you give the completion of an entire project to a third party. This involves having to explain the full requirements of the project to members of the outsourcing company, and they will then be responsible for forming the development team and seeing the project through to its completion. It is cheaper to hire a remote team to complete a project than it is to bring your in-house team. You also delegate the project to an experienced team that delivers high quality outputs.

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    On-demand services apps are serving almost all needed services in our everyday life.  The main advantage of the on-demand services startups is that it’s easy for the consumer to get everything they need anytime, anywhere, and in the most convenient way without the need to go out, just a single click on their phone and it’s all done. That’s why on-demand app development is also gaining popularity as technology simplifies and helps both customers and service providers to fulfill their needs. Custom software development for on-demand services apps has changed the way service providers work as well. As the customer can request the required service, service providers or their representatives or employees can receive the requests anywhere and anytime. For example, the delivery man don’t need to be in a certain restaurant location to take orders, they can be anywhere and get the nearest requests to them then get the order from the nearest restaurant branch.   So let’s take a look on how custom software development has changed the shape of serviced provided to customers and the most popular fields that are depending on the mobile app providing them. E-commerce One of the first services ever that adopted the electronic version of it was the commerce and selling businesses. That’s why it is called obviously E-Commerce, which didn’t exist before the on-demand services were presented to the world and it’s now the most used on-demand service all over the world either on websites or a mobile app. You can buy literally anything online, either you are a fashion addict and want to get the latest summer collection or just getting your groceries for today’s dinner. You can get anything on your doorstep by just one click. Transportation Mobile apps offering Taxi or Rideshare services have been significantly growing in the past couple of years. Either you need to get a ride in a car, bus, or even a motorbike, you can easily request your proffered ride then it will reach your location in a matter of seconds. Shipping and Logistics Courier & logistics related service providers have witnessed a huge transformation after the breakthrough of on-demand economy. You can easily request shipping and delivery services and the nearest shipping employee will come to your location, pick up your package and deliver it to wherever you want.    Food Delivery What is better that ordering a big Pizza?! Yes, ordering it using your favorite food ordering app! Food delivery apps are one of the most used apps all over the world. Data from CGA Peach in 2016 indicated that more than 50% British adult population or 28.6 million people have had a takeaway brought to their doorstep in the first half of 2016. Food delivery market also stands at €83 billion, or 1% of the entire food market and 4% of food sold through diners and restaurants. Household & Maintenance Services Something has broken on your house? Or do you want to change the color of your walls? It has never been easier. You can find professionals in household services and home maintenance easily through on-demand home services apps either you needed a mechanic, carpenter, electrician or plumber. You can also book a babysitter or a household worker.   So it’s now obvious that custom software development has a real impact on different types of business and startups all over the world. We at Enozom provide high quality custom Web Development & Mobile Development that can help your business grow. Contact us now for a free consultancy!  

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    Despite that schools are preparing and equipping children to the future, let’s face it, the education sector especially public school systems are not the earliest to adopt new technologies in teaching. However, education has changed a lot thanks to custom software development. Also the digital transformation trends have changed universities management and teaching techniques as well. Using University Management Systems or College Management Systems, has facilitated lots of universities’ operation and teaching processes. Let’s not forget the free learning online courses platforms that provide thousands of courses in many topics presented by many experts all over the world. Here we will take a closer look on the impact of the custom software development and digital transformation on the educational sector.   ERP Education Systems Educational ERP Software or University Management System or School Management System, comes with different names based on the education level, has several modules to handle different operations and processes throughout the student lifecycle starting from the admission to courses completion and graduation. It can have different functionalities to be customized for different institutes and schools types and handles requirements of different departments, it also can handle assignments, online exams and exams correction, as well as publishing exams results.   Virtual Classrooms  Virtual classroom platforms have helped a lot of students who are located in different places of that of the school or university premises. In such similar situations of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that made all schools and universities close, virtual classroom platforms made it easy for students and teachers to continue their lessons and syllabus. Similar tools can have features of video conferencing, creating polls and questions that can be answered by the students during the lesson, managing assignments as well as other presentation functionalities.   Online courses platforms Many people are now depending on online courses platforms to learn different topics. One can enroll in a master program and get a degree in Data Science, get an MBA, learn a new language or even learn how to play the guitar! Online courses platforms have removed many barriers between learners and instructors. Internet users all over the world can find millions of free and paid online courses, presented either by an individual instructor or a world class university that gives a verified degree to its students. So why to go to a training center to learn a new skill when you can do this at home!   Language Learning Apps Mobile apps are occupying a big space of our day. One of the most used category of mobile apps is the language learning mobile apps. You can find many free mobile apps that contain free content of different languages exercises and tests for every level. Learning a new language is now easier than ever.   That’s how Custom Software Development has strongly transformed the educational sector. Here at Enozom, we provide custom web & mobile development that facilitates operating your educational process. Contact us now and get your free consultancy!

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    A successful healthcare system is based on the relationships and collaboration between several stakeholders including healthcare insurers, medical equipment suppliers, pharmaceuticals, governmental agencies, medical administrators and of course the medical staff of nurses and doctors. But now, healthcare has been strongly influenced by the technological innovations, and digital healthcare tools are now having great impact on the healthcare sector. Custom healthcare software solutions now enable healthcare organizations and clinicians to offer patient-centric services, cut costs, and run more efficiently by enhancing accessibility, productivity, portability, and scalability. Here come some examples of how custom software development is transforming the healthcare sector   Hospital Management & Digital Consenting Systems  One of the most important tools that have changed the healthcare sector is the Hospital Management Systems (HMS), AKA Hospital Information Systems (HIS). They are comprehensive integrated software solutions that handles different aspects of hospitals and clinics workflows. It manages the healthcare performance from the aspects of administrative, medical, legal and financial control. That is the foundation of the successful management of the healthcare facility. They also can be integrated with Digital Consenting Systems that enable hospitals to generate consents that are required for surgeries and some medical procedures, and lets patients digitally sign them.     Electronic Health Records An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the system that collects all of patient’s data and history where data is electronically-stored in a digital format. These records can be shared across different health care systems. EHRs include a different data, including demographics, medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs, personal statistics like age and weight, and billing information as well.   Healthcare Mobile Applications and Wearable Devices As we use mobile apps in nearly every aspect of our lives, so the medical sector had its share as well. Here are some statistics of the mobile health apps use that shows the increase of it and how people are really depending on them in the current time as well as their expected growth according to Statista. There are many types of healthcare mobile apps serving several health aspects such as fitness, women’s health, personal health recording, drug management and doctors’ consultation apps as well. Some of those apps can also integrate with wearable gadgets that help people to stay active, sleep well, eat better and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Wearable medical devices are also giving patients a way to track and monitor their health condition and share it with their doctors.   So it’s now obvious that custom software development has a real impact on the healthcare process all over the world. We at Enozom provide high quality custom web & mobile development that can help your clinic or healthcare startup grow. Contact us now for a free consultancy!

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    What is .NET? The .NET Framework is a programming model that supports building and running of software applications for Windows, Windows Server, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure, and XML Web services. It is developed by Microsoft and runs on Microsoft Windows. The .NET Framework consists of a large class library known as Framework Class Library (FCL), and Common Language Runtime (CLR) which provides language interoperability across several programming languages.   Why .NET? - Reliable and simple caching system - .NET is flexible in development, maintenance and support - Performance of .NET is stable and reliable - .NET offers enhanced application security - The capability of .NET to process all types of XML documents providing multiple integration routes.   So now you decided to use .NET for your app, now it’s time to hire a company to develop it. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best .NET Development Company       Clear Requirements Understanding Understanding all the development requirements is of the most important factors when choosing a company. Any .NET development company will be able to develop a project for you only to the extent they are understanding the requirement. So the maximum expectation from a development company should be to completely digest your business requirements. They should be able to visualize the customers’ needs and deliverables and be able to translate those into technical specs.    Reputation and Online Ratings You will find a large number of companies working hard to create their online presence. Social networking portals and search engine’s ranking is the easiest way to gauge the reputation of any entity. Taking the online reputation of the company into consideration will help you quickly pick a trustworthy company for your project. A highly experienced company will be more likely to deliver you the project on time and meet the highest level of standards. Choose the company that has the positive ratings or at least go with the one that has the maximum number of positive ratings.    Project Pricing The clarity in project specs and requirement will help you and the .NET Core development company to agree on the best price. When you select a development company, you pay a significant amount of money to ensure the project is developed exactly as you expect. To make sure your project is completed as expected, you should pick the company that creates a comprehensive strategy to all he small details.   Reliability When it comes to making the perfect choice, reliability is one of the important factors that can’t be ignored. The company should be proficient in all types of .NET services when developing the project. The company that take the deadlines seriously also fits in the reliability factor. The ability to solve issues on an immediate basis and the ability to commit to the project plan should also be looked into for measuring the company’s reliability.     Past Experience and Portfolio Experience is one of the important attributes that define the credibility of a company. The more years of experience, the better results could be expected. Also the portfolio will give you an overview of the quality of their work. It indicates what you will expect to receive from them. It also helps you to know their Mobile app development and Angular web development experience. The portfolio will also help you measure how much they are talented.   We at Enozom have an experienced and highly qualified .NET Development Team. You can have a look at our Mobile Apps Portfolio and Web Portfolio with .NET Core Developed Backend.   Contact us now to get your Quote!  

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      The current situation of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is affecting different types of businesses and industries on many levels. Since there is still no vaccines to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease, the only prevention method that people have is to try not be exposed to the virus. This is could be achieved by maintaining social distancing, taking personal hygiene measures, and avoiding contact with the infected person. And to assure social distancing, many businesses have allowed their employees to work from home so they decrease the chances of getting infected and keep their employee’s safe. However, not all businesses and industries can leave their premises and make their employees work from their homes simply because their jobs cannot be done from home so they had to just close their businesses for the meantime. But for other industries like the Tech & Software industries, the situation is not as big issue as it is to other business sectors such as supply chain businesses and manufacturers. Software companies, IT Services and Internet companies are not really exposed to the effect of the lockdown happening in most of the world. As most people are staying home, so their only way to communicate and keep their work done is through online tools and software solutions. There is significant growth in demand on video conferencing platforms, remote desktop, digital signature tools as well as E-learning platforms which all help people working from home as well as students.  Also the use of Telemedicine services and online shopping services has risen as well according to TrustRadius.   So it’s obvious that using more software tools has become a necessity in the current time which opens more opportunities to software developers to grow their tools and businesses to serve the current situation. And although it’s a good opportunity for software developers, software enterprises should also consider providing assistance to other businesses and industries that a software solution would help them run their businesses to recover from this situation and regrow.  For now, make sure you stay safe till we are able to get our normal lives back soon.  

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    Enozom Software is a leading innovator in the field of digital development and has carved its name within the ledgers at GoodFirms as one of the top software development companies. To know more about their portfolio and services offered, take a good look at the Enozom Software’s GoodFirms profile. About Enozom Software: Founded in 2012, Enozom Software is a digital solutions provider located in Alexandria, Egypt. While the firm services small and medium enterprises, it also serves as a unique outsourcing opportunity to large software companies globally. The firm provides a wide spectrum of software services while their expertise lies in Web Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development, and Software Testing. A complete end-to-end solutions provider, Enozom takes care of all the aspects right from analysis leading to deployment through rapid response and flexible Agile Software Development Methodology. The firm has incorporated Agile not just in their operations, but also in their thinking, planning, designing and executing. A fully accountable approach where the firm operates as owners of the project and not just a development team makes them deliver an impressive output while clients find them keen upon their success. GoodFirms Research Methodology: GoodFirms is a renowned analysis and review platform where various businesses get listed to receive periodic accreditation. GoodFirms principally takes three principal criteria in consideration during their research process, which consists of crucial standards that are - Quality, Reliability, and Ability. These principle criteria are then further subdivided into aspects such as service quality delivered by the company, core skill sets, customer feedback, and the total experience of the company in the said sector, amongst several other factors.  The evaluation of Enozom Software was conducted in a similar manner, and it was inferred that the firm has been performing exceptionally, helping businesses improve with their Software, Web Designs, and Mobile Apps Development requirements. Below is a brief account of their crucial performing areas that were assessed during the research. Software That Serves a Purpose: Enozom Software comprehends how crucial it is to move faster for a service-based business. The firm breaks through with digital tools so that businesses receive solutions attuned to their needs. They develop a customer’s vision through custom software development that resonates with the business's ideology to provide a competitive edge. The firm offers an exploratory and well-structured testing service with teams of testers varying in sizes. They also provide automation testing services leveraging state-of-the-art tools. They have successfully delivered many softwares on different platforms after a careful and comprehensive testing process. Lori Marshall is a long term gratified collaborator with Enozom who said: Enozom Software has risen as one of the top software development companies in Egypt at GoodFirms owing to their technical proficiency in the domain. Web Designs That Impart Sustainability: The comprehension Enozom Software regarding the design aspect of any product is remarkable. They understand that design plays an important role in any mobile application or a business website’s success. While graphical layouts, themes and look and feel of a product is crucial, it is the overall functionality of the finalized product that defines its sustainability in the market. Enozom strives to deliver design solutions that businesses can rely on leveraging their practical experience in this arena. The firm has delivered many solutions on varying scales with success. They have crafted digital experiences where the end-user is stimulated visually and compelled to evoke favorable business actions. Proficiency in design aesthetics and delivering solutions that drive results has oriented Enozom Software with a path that will lead them to soon rank among the top web design companies at GoodFirms. Mobile-First Approach to Grow Business Presence: Enozom understands how important it is for consumers to interact with their business irrespective of where they are and which device they are using. They implement a process that combines the visual design with the end-user experience to align the business more closely with their goals. Using advanced technologies such as Native iOS, Android, Ionic, and React Native, the Enozom have successfully delivered close to 500 progressive apps with a mobile-first approach. They do not consider the job done once a product is delivered. They continue to serve with a professional and very high response supporting team even post-deployment. It is highly expected that Enozom Software will break into the charts of the top mobile app developers at GoodFirms propelled by their zeal to resolve problems and drive to innovate. About GoodFirms Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B Research and Reviews Company that helps in finding Software Development,  Web Design, and Mobile App Development companies rendering the best services to its customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs. About the Author Anna Stark is presently working as a Content Writer with GoodFirms – Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company, which bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role lingers in her to shape every company’s performance and key attributes into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and equips new strategies that work, always in with ideas, something new to carve, and something original to decorate the firm’s identity.

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