SAAS Application Development

Enozom will help your organization build your application on the cloud and to monetize it using the Software As A Service (SAAS) model. Building SAAS Applications is not as straightforward as building normal web application; there are many aspects that have to be considered while designing the software architecture of the application.

But we have tried our hand at it and succeeded. Enozom successfully built its own product,, an ERP SAAS application that targets small and medium enterprises in the Middle East. was built using a multi-tenanted architecture on the back-end to ensure high scalability, performance, and security.

We have met with great success through, and news coverage concerning the success has been published in online journals such Wamd, the most popular magazine for entrepreneurs’ news in the Middle East:

Why Enozom?

N-Tier Architecture

Complete isolation between database, code, and presentation layers that enables reusing each layer separately.


The architecture is built depending on Multi-tenancy, which means that each instance is completely isolated to ensure high-level security and data isolation.

Billing and Online Payment

Experience with different types of payment gateways and billing methodologies, like credit cards payments, gift cards, promotion codes, and billing statements.


Using best practices and updated encryption algorithms and protocols, we deliver high-level security on our developed SAAS applications.


Our web applications pass through different types of testing: functional testing, integration testing, security testing and load testing.

Scalable Applications

We care about software architecture and different types of optimizations to deliver scalable applications in terms of both functionality and number of concurrent users.

Technologies We Provide