Friday is a web and mobile based platform that users can use to book farm houses in Jordan. It consists of a website and a mobile app for customers and a mobile app for farm owners that list their properties to be reserved and manage their reservations.
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01 Challenge
The challenge was to offer a solution that connects farm owners who own uninhabited farm houses and would like to rent them with other customers who can be willig to rent a farm house for a weekend or day use trip.
Friday was built to act as the link between two paries, where farm owners can list their properties to be rented and customers can find various farm houses to rent in different cities and locations in Jordan.
Scope of work
Mobile development Web development Quality Assurance
Dayoff benefit system case study
02 Solution
Friday offered the solution, with a comprehensive platform that serves farm owners and customers. Using a mobile app, farm owners can manage multiple properties as well as thier amenities and facilities and manage their availability schedule and confirm reservations.
Using the customers' mobile app and website, users can browse and search various farm houses and listed properties and book the desired ones either for day use or loner periods and enjoy the available facilites.
Dayoff system case study
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03 Features

Search Farms

Select Booking Type

Farms Bookings

Booking Management

Multi-Properties Management

Financials Management

04 Overview



The solution is both informative and visually appealing.

Mobile application

We delivered the app for both iOS and Android platforms.


Web, iOS, Android

.NET Core application case studySymfony application case studyJavaScript application case studyiOS application case studyAndroid application case study


6 members

The team consists of Mobile, Front-end and Back-end Developers, a QA Specialist, and a Scrum Master.


4 months

The app has been launched and right now we maintain the solution.

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