Al Mohafez

Enozom has a very responsible team with a real genuine attitude and out of the box ideas

Mahmoud Awad - CEO & Founder

About The Client

The Egywheelers Founders are a group of Wheelers enthusiasts accordingly the platform was built not only to serve the normal visitor, but capturing our like-minded visitors needs and wants as well. 

Our team main goal is to provide our valued members with massive Discounts & Benefits on their day to day ride demands “ Services & Products “ within a wide Network of Partners that are precisely selected based on Professionalism, Authenticity & Relevance.

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The Idea Behind The Project

Mohafez Downloads is an Online e-commerce platform for Used cars and motorbikes in Egypt. 
Egywheelers is not just an online Ads website, Egywheelers is a platform built to be the ultimate online destination for all Wheelers Enthusiasts. We want our members enjoy their ride without breaking the bank.

Ahmed Alaa

Ahmed Alaa
Software Engineer

We used in this project a set of new technologies that enabled us to deliver the customer requirements with the best quality and whithin the deadline.
We optimized our code, database design and queries to handle huge number of requests using minimul server resources.


Responsive UI

Smart Marketing

Comprehensive Reports

Team Structure

In order to develop and design this multi-module project, an integration between two work teams as established to facilitate the process of development and ensure that the quality level of the final product matches Enozom quality standards and exceeded the client’s expectation for quality and performance.

The design and development team was working in complete harmony and coordination with the assigned designer and quality team, to accomplish the goals set by the system analyst according to the customers’ requirements.

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